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wall mounted pipe ladder for bunk beds, raised or mezzanine floors

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made to order

Wall ladder created from 3/4" BSP threaded pipe

Each section creates an extra 300 mm

for example:

a purchase of two units would create a ladder with the top rung at 600 mm

and 3 units would give a top rung at 900 mm and so on 


The top mounting point on each side rail has a piece of parallel threaded pipe protruding through the flange enabling you to drill into the wall, and fill with a chemical resin anchor  then insert the pipe into the resin filled hole  giving it a chemical anchor as well as the standard wall plugs that can be used on the flanges

Each ladder rung has 270 mm of pipe that can be stepped on the overall width at widest part is 360 mm 

please note purchase of 1 item will only give one rung with bottom rung to the left and top mount to the right of the rung 

Heights stated include 300 mm from floor level to first rung 

these are made to order so depending on workload there can be a delay in dispatch please contact us for current timings