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heavy duty supported copper shelf brackets

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MPN: 5060703740196
Brand: home by iris
Outside diameter: 15mm
Colour: copper -Rose gold when polished
Handling Time: Produced to order please allow upto a week
package contents (1 item purchased): 2 brackets (1 pair) 4 x wall mounts 4 x saddle clips to attach shelf – wall fixings only if purchased in options

Our supported heavy duty copper shelving brackets are produced from 15 mm copper Tube / pipe, throughout the whole process we adhere to a high standard of workmanship ensuring we follow our tried and tested method.

Included in each set of copper shelf brackets purchased:

Two copper brackets

Four copper saddle clips (two per bracket)

Four Munson rings with backs ( two per bracket)

The saddle clips fit around the pipe and allow a screw to be used to fix a wooden shelf in place

The Munson rings and backs are for attaching to the wall via two countersunk screws combined with wall plugs if appropriate ( 2 per ring assembly 4 per bracket)

Please note screws are Not included as standard

We offer a fixing kit as an extra which includes the versatile Fischer duo power wall plug and yellow passivated countersunk pozi-drive screw this kit is for wall fixings only not for the underside saddle clip to shelf fixing 

You can also purchase alongside this an appropriately sized masonry drill bit and pozi drive driver bit  (extension adaptor not included)

All joints are chemically bonded with a high strength retaining compound that is designed for this type of metal and produces a structural bond that is of a strength suitable for holding shelf brackets together without failing 

These have a support bar similar to gallows bracket, which makes them suitable for supporting a far heavier loaded shelf

The design takes all the load force into compression instead of the normal shear action

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