wall mounted pipe ladder for bunk beds, raised or mezzanine floors

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Product Details
Brand: Pipe monkey
Outside diameter: 26.7 mm
Colour: Black paint or natural steel
Handling Time: These are assembled to order depending on current orders can be upto 2 weeks
package contents (1 item purchased): 1 ladder as option selection

Wall ladder created from 3/4″ BSP threaded pipe

For sizing the dimensions given are suitable for height’s not the physical dimensions as we include 300mm from floor to first rung then 300mm rung to rung and finally allow another 300mm from top rung to final level

for example:

a purchase of two rungs would create a ladder suitable for 900 mm

and 3 units would suitable for 1200 mm and so on

Each ladder rung has 250 mm of pipe that can be stepped on the overall width at widest part is 360 mm

please note purchase of 1 item will only give one rung with bottom rung to the left and top mount to the right of the rung

Heights stated include 300 mm from floor level to first rung

these are made to order so depending on workload there can be a delay in dispatch please contact us for current timings

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