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1 1-4 inch black malleable threaded pipe

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MPN: 41412414
Brand: pipe monkey
Outside diameter: 42.4 mm

black malleable pipe threaded with a 1.1-4 inch BSP tapered thread

All threads are visually inspected for quality there may be some imperfections as this is a raw industrial product but nothing that effects the integrity of the product

  • Quality inspected
  • Genuine black pipe this is Not red oxide pipe
  • competitive prices that our customers are used to
  • Great service if you have questions give us a call

People call this different things, maybe you know it as Gas barrel, Steam pipe, Pressure pipe, Black iron, malleable pipe or even blue band pipe or tube.

What ever you know it as, if your looking for 1 1-4″ nominal bore pipe to screw into malleable iron fittings, this is the pipe your looking for, if you want plain pipe to cut and thread yourself select Un-threaded, or if you want a piece ready to use, select threaded both ends from the options above, we even have an option of threaded one end if you intend to weld one end

No matter what you are looking to do with your mild steel pressure pipe whether its the traditional use, of actually plumbing a conveyance pipe line maybe for oil or as a steam pipe in a boiler house this pipe is certificated to BS EN 10255 standards for these purposes it is medium weight and pressure rated see pressure rating table in the pipe category main page here

Maybe you are looking for components for making some industrial style furniture, or a pipe shelf assembly this will do the job and look authentic as its the real deal.

This is not cheap conduit that so many importers are selling, this is genuine self colour mild steel pressure pipe offering strength and authenticity to any industrial style decor project

As stated above if you want your workings out double checking or any other technical questions we would love to hear from you its all part of our service

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