copper flanges adapted for copper pipe (compression)

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These malleable iron flanges have been threaded to accept a brass compression adaptor to accept a 15, 22, or 28 mm copper pipe – simply choose the size from the selection box above
as standard these fitting will not allow the pipe to pass through if you want the pipe through the fitting we can adapt them to do this simply use the variations above
A compression fitting will tighten onto a copper pipe without the need to use heat, simply turning the large top nut with a spanner or wrench Which compresses an olive onto the pipe, gripping the pipe mechanically.
These are also available in a natural iron finish or in a brass finish
Alternatively these are also offered with an end-feed fitting if you prefer to to use heat and solder your joints also if you intend to use glue read our guide on gluing copper
we love to hear what our customers use these for and to give you some ideas for projects here are just some of the most common projects we have been told about and have been sent photos of:
  • curtain poles / curtain rails
  • clothing rails
  • lamp bases
  • copper pipe shelving wall brackets
  • Basically these can be used where ever you want to fix a copper pipe in place to a wall, floor, or even the ceiling
An important detail that may help you when designing a project using these:
Compression fittings have a small lip, or flange inside them, this will prevent a pipe passing right through the fitting so if like some other customers you want to use them as decorative surrounds around radiator pipes or if your making a faucet or tap and want to use these to clamp the water feed pipe in place you will need a further adaptation where we remove this lip for you alternatively you could remove this yourself with either a rotary file or drill
From time to time our stock can change and with this the flange may change in appearance we always try to keep to the markings as shown on the product image the most common change is we may have flanges with no markings at all but very rarely we have a larger diameter flange with 4 holes these are usually held specifically for specific uses on some of our range if a different marking is acceptable i.e. you are matching a previous purchase please contact us to check current type, we will always do everything we can to match
When finishing these flanges they are first coated in a anti corrosive primer which helps prevent corrosion and helps the copper finish adhere to the flange for a lasting finish we then apply a copper finish that resembles a bright or polished copper finish
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