Made from industrial pipe

Our original design industrial style pipe ladder.

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How and why we produced this design to start with.

We were first approached by a talented interior designer who had seen images of single rungs the same as our towel rail used as access to a mezzanine.

she liked the look but really wanted something more substantial, our designer chris has quite a bit of experience with structural iron and steel staircase builds of all shapes and sizes. so he confidently produced a concept of an offset configuration that satisfied building regulations was space saving and eye-catching, granted the basic design was initially to overcome the issues of the pipes being all Right hand threads, and the design brief stating a wish not to use the standard approach of unions at the sides (which could catch her son on the leg when climbing up to bed !)

Although that was the practical reason feedback has made it clear that the mounts mirrored repeat pattern is what makes this so appealing.

After installation the image shown to the side was posted onto our Pinterest account where it has been shared all over the world (over 8000 views a month)

then in 2019 we received a phone call from the designers at The BBC DIY SOS show wanting to know if they could have six of them for an upcoming children in need special (Blackburn) a lot to absorb for a small Two person team who had set there creative business up just Two years before!

Suitability criteria.

a common question we get asked is how much weight will it support. in truth the answer to that lies in your walls

Ideal situation would be to plan the installation alongside a renovation where studwork can be built into the wall in the correct place this however is rare!

If retrofitting to an existing wall the main thing you need to work out is what is in the wall to fix to.

no matter how good a plasterboard fixing claims to be it will not be good enough in my opinion

if its a solid construction it will hold fast

if studded wall is it a timber stud and are the spacings workable to get the majority of fixings into

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