Decorative wall-floor fixing flange for bsp pipe threads

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MPN: 87574975959
Brand: pipe monkey
Colour: Natural mill finish (Grey to black)

Please note the combination of 3 hole with 1 1/4 1 1/2 and 2 inch does not exist only 4 hole versions exist

We have a full range of BSP Threaded decorative floor flanges, these are an essential part in the making of pipe furniture or industrial décor especially shelving or shelf brackets.

size4 hole3 holeplate diameter
1/2″yesyes65mm 3 hole/ 85mm (4 hole)
3/4″yesyes70mm 3 hole / 85mm (4 hole)
1″yesyes75mm 3 hole /85mm (4 hole)
1 1/4″yesno100mm
1 1/2″yesno100mm
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