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Welcome to the Threaded pipe store

We specialize in industrial style design furniture, décor and Pipe shelving

we not only design and produce the items you will see in this store we also Help you to bring Your designs to life by sharing our experience solving unique problems and offering a customized cutting and threading service All at no extra cost

In the categories below we have a selection of components that will help you to build most DIY pipe shelving projects and if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask via our contact page where you can reach out via WhatsApp, Email, Messenger or Phone

If you are unsure on anything please don’t hesitate to ask

Featured Products

New longer lengths
2 inch galvanised threaded pipe 1m to 1.2m
2 inch galvanised threaded pipe 1m to 1.2m
1m to 1.2m lengths custom sizes at no extra charge
was £28.91
Save £8.26
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