heavy duty industrial Shelf brackets

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Brand: pipe monkey

Our heavy duty range isn’t really a reflection of how much they can hold up on shelves it is all about the look and feel that a bigger pipe gives. and that is just what industrial style interior design is about strong bold and sometimes harsh. These Industrial style shelf brackets are produced from 3/4 inch black industrial pipe, this particular style uses a three way tee joint plugged with a plug that has a round disc bellow the square “nut” to produce another added little detail

Remember pipe is measured on Nominal bore meaning half inch pipe is actually 21.3mm outside diameter.

shelf size guide

This guide works on a formula of no more than one third of the shelf shall over hang the front of the mounting disc for example :

“A 4 x 4 bracket is measured 105mm from the vertical face of the wall and the furthest edge from the wall on the support disc. the supporting flange is 65mm in diameter meaning that the centre of the flange and upright pipe is at 105mm – 32mm = 73mm , if we then multiply this by two and divide by three we get 50 mm (to nearest 1/2 cm) add this to the original value of 105mm we get 155mm “

bracket size4 x 46 x 46 x 68 x 48 x 6
minimum shelf depth (cm)1116162121
recommended depth (cm)12-1516-2216-2222-2822-28

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