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Nominal bore Black Iron-pipe

 The black pipe found on our site This is untreated black pipe ie unfinished so will rust we apply a rust inhibitor to SLOW rusting down this is not paint or permanent finish the inhibitor we use can leave a residue and when handling will get your hands dirty. If you are buying for a DIY furniture project. Please take note of this, do not empty contents onto your living room carpet, or any other surface that would upset you, or anyone else in your household, if this surface became dirty  and covered in Black marks, also unfinished pipe can arrive to us in different states some smooth but really oily some may have a thicker layer of mill scale this is unfortunately normal and unavoidable  the only alternative is red oxide pipe also available from us 

  If this is an issue we can supply your pipes in a clean, finished and sealed state, at an extra cost, at this time we can only offer this as a individually quoted service for enquiries please contact us  

Here at threaded pipe and fittings, we are passionate about our materials and only use top quality BS EN 10255

We have a range including self colour black pipe, red oxide finished and Galvanized for long lasting exterior use. 

These materials are suitable for use for pressure pipe uses, we have two grades medium pressure pipe and Heavy pipe.

However, there is a growing demand, fueled by the interior design trend for industrial style furniture and decor and for these purposes this pipe is perfect we do a large range of sizes as standard that will allow you to complete most pipe furniture projects but if you require a different size do not worry we can do it you only have to ask.