Industrial Copper Pipe toilet roll storage holder and dispenser - freestanding

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Product Overview

Currently we offer a natural finish which involves a two stage process of gentle abrasive cleaning removing mild defects, existing oxidisation / patination and stubborn stains from the raw pipe as purchased then polished to a high shine by hand using a specialist copper liquid polish and soft buffing cloths.

Secondly we offer a lacquered finish this is as above but has a layer of lacquer to prevent tarnishing
We are currently undergoing tests, on a third option using a completely natural form of finish.
Results are promising but until we are sure we will not be offering this as an option you can follow us or join our mailing list to get upto date news about this.

How is it made?

Well there is a big debate that you will read on other listings claiming that it has to be soldered and seeing blobs of silver solder is a neccessity, we do not back down from a challenge and we decided to check this theory out! We use an industrial epoxy glue that is actually used and approved for use for structural applications on aircraft and cars, even satellites also back that up! We have completed destructive testing on these bonds and found that an oxy/ acetylene brazing torch is required to break the bond cleanly, we can safely say that hanging a toilet roll or kitchen roll will not break the bond as claimed by others.

Why did we go to this trouble?

Simply put we didn't like the rough look of the soldered joints that can occur, it is not because we don't have the skills, we have a wide variety of metal work skills from soldering and brazing, right through to TIG, but why when technology gives us an option that is clean and gives the end result that you and us as the craftsmen would want to see.


(2 reviews) Write a Review

2 Reviews

  • 5
    nicely made but could be taller

    Posted by Annabel Hayward (etsy verified purchase) on 16th Feb 2019

    love it- very nicely made. wondering if it should be a couple of cm taller, but we do like it. thanks

  • 5
    looks great, excellent value

    Posted by nigel (etsy verified purchase) on 16th Feb 2019

    Looks great. Excellent value. Very helpful shop, too.