Elbow style Industrial Iron Shelf Support brackets High Quality 4" x 4" (pair)

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If your looking for an industrial style theme these shelving brackets are a must have, these shelf brackets are functional and industrial style to their core

As with all our products we do not cut corners and use materials that may look like ours but they just are not the same we use pipe that is real pressure pipe the same pipe that would actually be used to carry oil, water, gas, etc.

the only component used that you would not find in a working pipeline is the decorative flange which is, what it says "decorative".


so when comparing products and choosing which one look at the photos clearly and see if you can see what we see:

we thread our steel and assemble the pipe bracket as if it was a pipe line - look for extra threads beyond the the fitting this indicates a taper thread if you see a dirty lump of weld it could be cheap mass produced ERW (1 mm thick) steel unsuitable for threading or load bearing and may have gaps which will promote corrosion.
our description "Will not bend or break under any sensible* intended use" other descriptions we have come across "wont bend easily" acceptable point yes... but that phrase discounts any warranty claim for bending, We don't see the need to cover ourselves in this way because we know our quality of our products plain and simple.

We could go on...... but i believe that is enough said


* sensible use our definition for sensible use is simple:

we have not designed these to be a structural bracket suitable for constructing a building - they could work with the correct fixing sytem but I am definitely not saying you should as the flanges are decorative and no tests have been made for this purpose
we have designed this with what you would expect to find on a set of shelves ie small appliances books ornaments etc but remember we don't know how strong your walls are you can call and ask advice but as we have never visually expected the wall we can not guarantee structural fixing failure


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1 Review

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    Beautiful steady and strong well made and finished off lovely

    Posted by Carole on 3rd Aug 2018

    I bought 4 of these lovely brackets in black couldn't decide on black or lacquered when they came I loved them so much that I ordered 4 of the lacquered aswell. I ordered toilet roll holder to match which is equally as beautiful solid strong and very well made. Service was very helpful and my products came on time overall very impressed.