Cup stand / mug tree in copper and chrome vintage industrial style rack decor modern living

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Product Overview

This beautiful handmade cup / mug tree will add a beautiful contemporary look to your kitchen at the same time helping to organise your kitchen worktop and saving valuable cupboard space

Brand new handmade in the uk from quality materials

This comes in two options 4 cup holder or in a 6 cup option and are both designed so they will still fit under most kitchen cupboards as shown

Dimensions: 4 cup Base: 120mm x 120mm
Height: 390mm

6 cup Base: 120mm x 120mm
Height: 450mm

This is made from 15mm chrome plated copper plumbing pipe.

The chrome pipe is cleaned with a mild abrasive to a pure state and all grease and other contaminants are removed.
We polish all copper components until they resemble rose gold.

We also offer this coated in clear lacquer or without.

As we produce these ourselves, we are happy to offer a custom made service to any size you require,

We also make a variety of other items so why not take a look at our other items to carry the style on through out your kitchen and home


(No reviews yet) Write a Review