6 cup copper pipe mug tree pure copper vintage industrial style decor modern living

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This beautiful handmade cup / mug tree will add a beautiful contemporary look to your kitchen

Brand new handmade in the uk from quality materials 
This comes in two options 4 cup holder or in a 6 cup option and are both designed so they will still fit under most kitchen cupboards as shown 
Dimensions: 4 cup Base: 120mm x 120mm
                               Height: 410mm
                               6 cup Base: 120mm x 120mm 
                             Height: 460mm
This is made from 15mm copper plumbing pipe
The copper is cleaned to a rose copper finish and all grease is removed, please be aware that copper does oxidise quite quickly, we advise that to maintain the look you polish regularly with a metal polish such as brasso you can choose to have this in natural finish or lacquered to prevent tarnishing
As we produce these ourselves, we are happy to offer a custom made service to any size you require,


(No reviews yet) Write a Review