22mm Copper End Feed Female 90° Elbow

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22mm Copper End Feed Female 90° Elbow

End feed straight couplings are designed to provide a quick and simple way to join plumbing fittings with copper tube. End feed plumbing fittings work on the basis of capillary action, when heat is applied to the copper fitting and tube using a blowtorch, lead free solder is applied to the end or mouth of the fitting becomes molten and is released into the gap between the copper tube and the solder fitting which results in a strong, watertight joint.

Conforms to the BS EN 1254-2 standard for plumbing fittings

Suitable for use in hot and cold water installations with copper tube to EN 1057

For use with lead free solder

WRAS approved

Maximum working pressure: 25 bar

Maximum working temperature: 99°C



(No reviews yet) Write a Review